Do you want this?

Dear job seeker or career changer,

Do you want a new job or career but have some of these challenges?

1) Your resume is really old, it hasn’t been updated in years (or maybe you don’t even have a resume yet!). You’re not sure how to add to it or if it needs reformatting or “freshening.”

2) Your aren’t sure how resumes are written today. Maybe you have looked at some resume book that have a dizzying array of styles, or you’ve gotten conflicting advice from colleagues or friends.

3) You aren’t sure how to submit resumes online or via email, or if you should still send them via the mail.

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, take heart. You’re not alone. Most employees have faced a similar daunting task when faced with getting a resume written and mailed, emailed or submitted online to an employer who is hiring.

Today, many professionals hire a resume writer who will spend 5-12 hours interviewing them and then creating a well-written, powerful and targeted document. I know. I’ve done it for years, writing resumes for clients in the U.S. and internationally. And charged about $500/resume.

But you can do it yourself! For almost 10 years as an outplacement trainer for a major career international transition company, I’ve taught laid off employees how to write their own resumes. I can teach you too.

I’ve assembled an easy workbook completed with audio instruction from me. It’s just like taking a class with me. You work at your own pace, when it’s convenient. You build YOUR resume, the way it works best for YOU.